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LexSite dictionary contains more than 1.4 million words and expressions. Its search engine captures morphological specifics of the English and Russian languages thus reducing ambiguity and improving translation speed and quality.

In addition to commonly used vocabulary, this dictionary includes terms related to science and technology, as well as project-specific terminology.

LexSite dictionary has been in public domain since its first release in 2009. It is developed and managed by the language engineering company Language Interface that has been providing linguistic support for international projects for more than 20 years.

The decades of experience in English-Russian and Russian-English translation acquired by our team helped us identify specific problems faced by translators when working in the English-Russian language pair and develop this tool that assists in finding best possible fit for a given context.

The language learning system LexTutor is based on LexSite dataset. It enables learners of foreign languages create and maintain their personal dictionaries or use pre-arranged public dictionaries that contain lexis specific for particular subjects or texts.